At Anchor at Annapolis MD

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Day 16: Going to Whitehall Creek

Another good sail day! The gale of Still Pond slowly subsides. However, sailing is brisk throughout the day. We go under the Bay Bridge around 1500 and spend the next few hours finding the entrance to Whitehall Creek. This is our last night at anchor before the business realities are back. Day 17 brings us fair winds and a pleasant arrival to HHS.
  • The Captain at Work: The Captain cleaning the SS prior to the completion of the voyage. How often will we see this?

  • Ann at the Helm: First Mate #1 steering us to Whitehall Creek. Life is good at the helm!

  • Too Long at Sea?: It has been a long time. The crew, boat, and equipment have done well. However, the Mate is worried about her broken son!

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