Jule III Integrated Electronics Suite

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Integrated Electronics Suite

  • Ship's Processor: A Pentium-based Toshiba laptop computer with two serial ports, SVGA display, and a 28.8 kbps modem. The mission processor is responsible for all information technology support aboard the Jule III. It contains the WINGPS navigation software, the Terninal Network Connection (Kantronics), and the Weather FAX (WEFAX) software.

  • Global Positioning System: A Garmin 75 multiple use GPS with an integral NMEA 0183 interface. A Garmin 45 is supplied as a backup.

  • Wireless Telephone: A Bell Atlantic High Power Cellular telephone with integrated modem interface. This unit provides inland and near coastal internet and voice communications. Electronic mail and Web access are provided through this component.

  • SSB Radio: An SGC 2000 Marine/Amateur Radio all band radio for WEFAX, Internet backup, and distress communications. The SSB radio links to the TNC and WEFAX software.

  • All Weather Radar: A Furuno 16 nm radar for vehicle and weather tracking. It is connected to the global NMEA bus.

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