White Marlin Marina, Ocean City MD

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Day 8, 9, 10, and 11: We Made It!!!

Our goal is near! We are tired and the tidal current s*cks. Our Speed over Ground (SOG) is less than a knot. Once tied up, life is good! We visited friends at Boardwalk Joes's (4th and Boardwalk) and the Hampton House (also 4th and Boardwalk). The skipper was bored on the shopping sprees but the mates had a grand time.
  • The Tents of Sunfest: As viewed from the inlet, the tents for Sunfest are being set for the weekend. We didn't pay much attention due to the current.

  • Sunset at the Dock: Many beautiful scenes were seen from our slip. The fish cleaning station next to us was not very appetizing, though.

  • Too Early in the Morning: 0600 on departure day. The crew is motivated?

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