At Anchor at Still Pond MD

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Day 15: The Gale

A major cold front is predicted for early evening so we target Still Pond for a late afternoon anchorage. At 1800, the USCG Search and Rescue (SAR) station at Still Pond inspects us. Our two years of preparedness pay off. We get a 100%. USCG goes to other boats with maybe less than favorable results.

The front passes at 2000 with sustained "near gale" force winds (30-35 kts) for most of the night. The next morning four boats have slipped anchor and are hard aground. Ten fathoms of chain and a 44 lbs. Bruce anchor keep us steady.

  • Mr. Navigator: The ever cautious navigator watches radar, GPS, and WX information. What's on Fox TV?

  • Waiting for the Rain: We are prepared for the showers preceding front. However, we remain dry.

  • The Aftermath: Four boats are aground. All look like they sustained heavy damage. God is with us again!

  • Leaving Still Pond: We leave Still Pond with 15-20 kts winds from the NW. Initially jib alone, then jib with main. We are too lazy to raise the mizzen.

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