Arriving Tangier Island

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Day 2: Tangier Island

The last time we sailed to Tangier Island was 1979 in a 20 foot sloop (Coriolis) from Washington DC. We vowed to go back some day. Back then there were no cars, only bicycles. This time we saw several cars, numerous golf carts, and several motorcycles.

Bob fell from the boat when trying to board her from our slip. Thank goodness his gut caught on the lifelines and he was saved.

  • Arriving Tangier Island: The Skyline has changed remarkably since our last visit--new towers, new buildings.

  • Ann Preparing to Tie Up: First Mate #1 prepares to tie up to the dock at Parks Marina. We were later assigned a slip--the gut slip.

  • Morning at Tangier Island: Getting ready to depart. We were sorry that we could not spend more time, but Hurricane Erika has our interest.

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