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Advanced Research provides several security and maritime products under the Open Source license. They include security products, such as the Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA™ ), the Tiger Analytical Research Assistant (TARA™ ), and WebMon™ . Maritime products include CoastalWx™ and GetMyMasters™ .

SARA is a comprehensive network security scanner that discovers, analyzes, and reports on security vulnerabilities of network-based computers, server, routers,and firewalls. It is actively used by over 15,000 security professional worldwide. It performs over 1,000 tests on each network node that it discovers. It is built to support the large scale enterprise model that contains over 25,000 nodes. It is approved for operation in the SANS Top Ten and Top 20 environments.

Tara is a *nix based system security scanner closely based on the Texas A&M University's Tiger program. It provides up-to-date tests and configuration analyses on SunOS, IRIX, Linux, Mac OSX, and generic Unix-like systems.

WebMon is a web-based defacement monitor that constantly probes corporate web servers for potential defacements. It provides a simple to use graphical user interface that instantly informs technical management of a potential problem. It also generates an email alert for each incident.

CoastalWx is a web-based product that provides near real-time reporting of wind and wave conditions from coastal and high sea USCG weather buoys. It is tailored to interoperate with SailMail, Saildocs, and Winlink communications and distribution systems. CoastalWx uses Nobeltec's Open Navigation Format (ONF) to automate compatible chartplotters.

GetMyMasters is a web-based testing and education environment that facilitates the pursuit of a USCG Master's license. It uses all of the questions in the Coast Guard's new question set.

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